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  1. 2008.04.02 I Know a little about The Taiwan.
I Know a little about The Taiwan. 

I tripped for 4 days and 5 nights.

It has been two days since I traveled from Taipei to Seoul. I don't forget to meet kindly taiwanese and eat delicious foods

Taiwan had the differences from Korea such as Culture, life style, industry.

I had the opportunity to know that.

Taiwanese is clearly familiar to Koreans. Actually I had a bias against Taiwanese, 
I thought they should be similar to Chinese who having greedy and pretending. but When I visited, I changed my mind

I found Taiwan had the advantages in the consideration, friendliness and helped it offers foreigners.
Especially, they didn't drink too much. I also realized taiwan industry history.

Taiwan's modern industrial development precedes that of korea by at least a decade.

Development in Taiwan had get their way since the mid-1960s

They didn't have large companies like 'Chaebol' as we did, and they had few natural resources as we did

Taiwan GDP Nominal ranked 21 regarding to IMF report. (Korea ranked 12)

I agreed that they were humble people and not aggressive, and they also liked to have various foods and
go to a hot spring.

I know a little about them.

if I travel in Taiwan again, I will find new foods and go a high mountain having a height of over 4000 meters.

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