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  1. 2008.04.15 Golf makes me a techical Thinking..
Golf makes me a techical Thinking..

Golf is very exciting game and get me nervous this.
I started it 6 months ago because my co-workers adviced me learn this to work well.

Somestimes, I think when I became to single golfer. Golf squeezed in the way of my life in thrities. but I was happy to meet this. Thoes day, I go to golf practing  at least one or two days a week. Though I might be practing well, it is difficulty for me to know exactly about do well. so I will be attracted it.

Golf is a very scientic exercies. Everything that is composed of our body should balance to hit a ball.
The Swing is in the centrifugal force and centripetal force. it has also kinetic energy and potential energy.
the moment the ball was hitted, it operate energy conservation theroy as is called thermodynamics first theory.
the harmonious use of arms and weist leads to maximize the two energy.

the head that is the center of body plays key roles of minizing engery loss and accuracy the way where ball flies.
Then the head should not shake.

For this reason, Golf is called as scientic exercise that get use of knowledge and application of physics.
this is a reason that I need to learn the principle of that with exercise

The more I keep on golfing the more I have strong challenges and the better I feel. that is unique attraction to play. I also learn the patience and how to see my mind. this is the key point to know though golf.

As the saying goes " Beating 100 hits, leaving your drinking buddy. Beyond 90 hits, keeping from your wife. Getting over 80 hits, giving up your business" then we don't have no way out it.

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