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  1. 2007.04.27 [Email Enlish] 서두 표현(감사하기,답장보내기)

부서 내부 CoP (Community of Practice) 활동으로 Email English 정착을 추진중이다.

뭐.. Copy가 최고니.. 좋은 표현을 자주 Copy해서 영어 작문능력을 향상 시키려고 한다.
딱 6개월만 열심히 해보자..

영어가 재미있게 될것이라 확신한다.
ToDay Expressions

1. 감사하기 :
  Thank you for (Prompt reply/advice/your call/suggestion/thoughtfulness/information/business proposal)
  Thank you for (taking time/letting me/helping me/sending me/offering me/visiting me/reminding me)

2. 답장보내기 :
  This is to reply to (your kind e-mail of the 5th of march/ your e-mail requesting advice on the project/your invitation to join the XYZ party)

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