[WRT Practice] About My Role Model In My Life
Role Model means someone you admire and try to imitate. If you want to success your life, you should have great role models.

My Role Model is BH.Goo who is a Best seller writer, a lecture and a Change Management Guru.
BHgoo has been a big role model since i started my college life. He started out in his social life in IBM company and was in charge of Quality Management in Organization. But He liked to study problems that organization and person have and he gived solutions to us as best-sellers.
He has became guite sucessful in life.

He now owns a personal Lab named as Goo Bon Hyong Lab. He's not quite rich, but he says  he's happy to have a wonderful family. He decided to quite his stable job for his family and his decision is a great choice.

Another thing I admire about him is his big herat.
Even though his busy schedule. He sets aside time for young boys and girls to make their dream up.

I don't think I'll ever stop learning from BH.Goo. Sooner and later I want to meet him and I hope to take part in his community.
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